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These videos feature a variety of people from Washington state speaking about why it is important to complete the 2020 Census. Share this video on your organization’s website, social media, and e-newsletters. Download the file via dropbox so you can share on your organization’s channels, or use our link on Vimeo.

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30 sec – English A30 sec – English A
30 sec – English B (BIPOC)30 sec – English B (BIPOC)
30 sec – English C (API)30 sec – English C (API)
30 sec – English D30 sec – English D
30 sec – English (Native)30 sec – English (Native)
30 sec – Spanish30 sec – Spanish
45 sec – English (Extended)45 sec – English (Extended)
45 sec – English (Mascot)45 sec – English (Mascot)
49 sec – Faith Leaders49 sec – Faith Leaders


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