Online Trainings

The 2020 Census has challenged us to find new and different ways to support education and outreach on what they census is, why it is important, and how to complete it safely. In the following series of training content, discover and learn new ways to support your organization’s outreach efforts around the census—or any educational and activation opportunity. Below you’ll find:

Census on Auto-pilot

Social Media Best Practices and Ways to Level Up Your Game

We are available to help you in these few months, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions, and we’ll do our best to support you and your organization’s needs.


Census on Auto-pilot

In this training, we’ll walk through the various resources and tools available to support your organization’s efforts to conduct outreach around the 2020 Census. Many organizations’ will have limited time, resources, and materials to inform their communities as we head into this extended census cycle. Census On Auto-pilot is intended to help you better understand how you can use resources to support you in your efforts, and think ahead to pre-plan and schedule content during the months of July, August, September, and October 2020.


Social Media Best Practices and Ways to Level Up Your Game

In this series of trainings, we will walk through how to improve your organization’s use of social media, considerations around how to build a social media plan for your organization, how and where to get verified to run Facebook Ads, and free resources and tools for improving the quality of your social media content.


Chapter One: Welcome and How to Build Your Social Media Plan

We’ll walk through the elements you need to consider when defining your social media strategy. Remember: create a plan that is realistic and achievable based on your organizations goals, capacity, and target audience.


Chapter Two: Using Facebook and Best Practices

In this chapter, we’ll talk through the different ways you can use Facebook, how to get verified to run ads about social, political, and election related issues, how to think about a publishing cadence that works for your organization, the benefits of using Facebook Business Manager, and how to go deeper in your training with available help resources


Chapter Three: Using Instagram and Best Practices

In this chapter, we’ll overview how Instagram and Facebook are connected, the difference between using the Instagram Feed vs. Instagram Stories, how to think about publishing frequency best practices, and how to go deeper in your training with available help resources.


Chapter Four: Using Twitter and Best Practices

In this chapter, we’ll overview the benefits of using Twitter, how Twitter advertising works, how often you should be tweeting, and what help resources are available.


Chapter Five: Free tools and resources

In this final training chapter, we’ll walk through various free and/or low cost tools you can use to help with scheduling and publishing your social media content, video and photo editing tools, evaluation tools, and more!


Lastly, we put together some simple, short “how to’s” for Facebook.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

If you’re short on time and need to schedule things to be shared in the future, here’s how you can use Facebook to schedule a post to be published at a later date or time.


How to Verify Your Facebook Identity

We’ll walk through how and where to verify your identity with Facebook and overview the types of information you’ll be asked for to run social, political, or election related content.


How to Boost a Facebook Post

We’ll demo how to consider setting and identifying target audiences, setting a budget and schedule for your Facebook post, and how to think about extending the audiences that are viewing your census-related content.

Complete your census now.