Stakeholder Toolkit

Census Outreach Toolkit

Toolkits and Messaging

The toolkit is a resource for people and organizations doing grassroots outreach. It includes messages, templates, and recommendations for connecting with your community to increase self-reporting turnout for the 2020 Census.

We invite you to use the messaging and guidelines as they are, or to personalize them for your organization and the community you serve.

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Messages that can be customized and used in your organization’s communications and materials.
  • A timeline of 2020 Census milestones.
  • Ideas and examples of how your organization can communicate with the community you serve before the 2020 Census and while it is underway.
  • Tips for sharing messaging on social channels, in email, on your organization’s website, and in earned media.
  • FAQ about the census.
  • Links to additional community resources.


Complete your census now.